Farm. Who me? Apparently!

Today I started my new job. Well, my non-permanent new job. In reality I’m only being employed for less than week, just to do a few small jobs at my friend’s dad’s farm. Nevertheless, a job though! Something I didn’t have all of two days ago. One step forward.

For those of you who didn’t know about my dire problems in the job sector, you can read about it on my post broken promises. I explained about a new job I was starting. Well, this it it. I’m working on a farm. Who me? Apparently. I know some of you are thinking that it’s not much of a job, and it’s not ideal, and it’s not even permanent, but it’s a paying job. Sometimes you have to do things you may not have anticipated or like in order to get where you want. Do I see myself working on a farm for the rest of my life, certainly not. I’m very appreciative though, it’s the least I can be.

It’s funny how you can go into a new job, no matter how big or small, expecting the worst. Expectations of hate, fear, boredom, anxiety. I’ll admit, I didn’t expect any of these. Why? I’ve learnt it’s better to be optimistic and expect the best as opposed to the worst. Unless you do something drastically bad, like setting the shop on fire or engaging in a bare knuckle fight with a customer who annoys who on your first day, then you can expect the worst ( just a quick clarification – I have done neither of those!). I was just happy to be out of the house and earning some money. Although, my experiences working on farms were near to non-existent. I had an odd dabble at it every so often, due to fact my uncle owns a farm, but I was no way near qualified to work as a farmer. I actually studied agricultural science in school, but I still didn’t really know anything about farming. It wasn’t one of my best subjects!

I knew that I was being hired for a small job, a non important job so to say. More so, a job I could do very little wrong with. This was good for me. Nice and simple! How wrong I was..

Thrown straight into milking cows. Obviously, the farmer was present too but seriously. Milking cows! A little daunting. No, very daunting. Surprisingly enough I stayed very calm. Maybe it was due to the fact I was in shock, or maybe I really am changing. Either way I was given this job and I wasn’t going to mess it up! It was a ‘learn as you go’ type of job. Brief lines here and there about how to do what, but this was while we were doing the actually tasks themselves. Oh god. Ok, milking cows. Pffft, I can do this. An udder? Let’s squeeze that! Old school. That’s what instantly raced through my mind while thinking about milking. Luckily enough, that thought in my mind didn’t turn into an action before I was shown how to do it. It was simple really once I got into the swing of things. Machine based. Not old school – thankfully! I made the odd slip up here and there but it was normal for a first attempt. You learn something new everyday, mine just so happened to be how to milk a cow. Unexpected. I’m really starting to like the unexpected!

After milking was finished, I began my less daunting and more expected job. Power hosing. This I can do! Only one previous experience to date but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to power hose. It was, very surprising to myself, incredibly therapeutic. It can be a tedious job, but I enjoyed every second of it. So satisfying. I know it sounds strange but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Seeing a muddy, dirt riddled shed turn into a squeaky clean environment is weirdly pleasing. Maybe it was the fact that I wanted to work hard to prove I was a good worker to my employer, or maybe my inner perfectionist was being awoken. Either way, I found myself wanting to clean every nook and cranny the eye could see. Every spec of dirt to vanish right before me. Almost like a game as such, a challenge.

Before power hosing
Before power hosing
After power hosing
After power hosing

It’s safe to say I won’t have any doubts about this job anymore. If anything I actually enjoyed it. I learnt how to milk a cow! A small opportunity. A taken opportunity. It’s a step in the right direction, a small step on an ever growing timeline. Onwards and upwards!


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