Fuel for Fitness – Chicken and Bacon Pasta Salad 

As a runner, diet is vital in enchanting my performance. Whether it be recovery or growth, it is important that I fuel myself adequately. Aiming to eat every three hours, roughly, is an ideal platform to ensure you keep your body fuelled and ready to go. This will be a segment I will add to my blog once the season starts, but for now I will tease you every so often with these scrumptious meals!

Today’s lunch was a simple chicken and bacon pasta salad

It is important to get carbs, protein, fats and vitamins in every meal to keep a balanced diet. This salad has all of that. Protein and fat from the chicken and bacon, carbs from the pasta and fats from the meat. Not only that but it is full of vitamins through the added salad and veg. Over all, a great lunch idea to fuel your body. 

I’m always surprised by how much a salad can fill you up, and it taste great! 

What did you have for lunch today and do you try to keep a balanced diet? Let me know! 


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