Patience and Perseverance

As you are all aware, I’m currently on the hunt for a job. It’s not easy being unemployed. You don’t have a penny to play with and your spare time becomes tedious, due to the fact that your whole day consists of just spare time. I won’t lie, I’ve spent a lot of hours just staring at walls thinking of ways to entertain myself. I always find it funny that when you actually have a job you spend your time complaining about it, but when you’re unemployed you complain about not getting to work. A contradiction, yes! Time you could be spending working and earning those badly needed pennies, is instead engulfed in coming up with the most bizarre and abstract things possible to entertain your boredom. Let’s not get into those though! 

It’s become clear, that there are two very important skills needed when searching for a job. Patience and Perserverance. These skills are essential in finding that wanted or unwanted job. People tend to get annoyed when things don’t happen quickly, or at least as quickly as they deem acceptable, which for some ladies and gents is hours! I always remember the phrase ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day‘, especially when talking about patience. It’s such an effective phrase in the sense that it’s very simple but completely accurate. I’d have loved to have seen a Rome that was built in one day, it would make for comical viewing! This very much ties into the topic of searching for a job though. You just have to be patient. It may take a few days, a few weeks, or maybe even a few months but you just have to stick with it. Do I like that fact that I have no job? Of course not! It’s a massive hindrance. But I know that if I be patient, I’ll get one eventually. All good things come to those who wait. 

In saying that, you can’t just sit around all day waiting for a job to fall magically into your lap. You also have to persevere. It’s not easy getting rejected, especially when you feel you’re trying so hard to achieve something but getting nothing in return. Unfortunately, in order to get a job you have to have perserverance. If you aren’t successful in earning a spot in one workplace, you have to try the next place and so on. You can’t just stop and give up. You’ll never get a job that way. Just try, and try, and try until you finally get the news you deserve, and trust me you will! I currently have twenty four CV’s printed, that’s excluding the ones I’ve already handed into shops and other workplaces. I’ve failed in all so far, but I’m not going to stop. Why? Because I really do believe I’ll be hired if I keep persevering. You have to fail sometimes in order to succeed. I’m confident, I’m patient and I’m ready to catch that opportunity when it’s presented! 

What have your experiences been like when trying to find a job?


15 thoughts on “Patience and Perseverance

  1. I feel for you, I was in this exact situation a couple of months ago. And you’re very correct – if you persevere you are putting out a much more positive energy than if you’re moping and lamenting and I’m confident if you keep persevering you will find not only a job, but the right job for you at this time. Good luck! 🙂

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    1. Yeah exactly, that’s spot on. I can be difficult waiting but it will all be worth it in the end. I’ll stay positive and keep pushing on until something comes around. Thanks very much


  2. I just moved across the country and am now in the process of job hunting. I can so relate to being bored to the point of staring at the walls! I’ve never done so much cleaning or household chores as I have been doing lately! 😂 But I have an interview in a couple days so I’ll be crossing my fingers. Have a great day!

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    1. Glad to know you also understand the feeling! I guess household chores can keep you occupied for a certain while! Best of luck with the interview, hopefully it will go well 😄

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  3. Year 2008 was a terrible year for a lot of people, especially to the upper management people. Even magazines had articles talking about reinventing oneself. I know first hand of that feeling when family members were going through job hunting. One member received a letter saying, “Thank you….. you are one of the two hundred applicants for this position….”
    Your attitude is admirable!!!! I like your last sentence in your sharing. You’ll be working before you know it! 🙂

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    1. I know right, we had the same problem in Ireland a few years back with the recession. It was near impossible get a job, but things have picked up a small bit since then. Still not easy to get one though, as you know!

      Thanks very much, I’ll keep trying and I’m bound to make inroads eventually! Better to be optimistic than pessimistic 😃

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      1. IN America, we have AmeriCorp, as Peace Corp worldwide. My daughter worked for Americorp for a year. That’s a semi-volunteer job. Pay 1/3, or 1/4 of of regular job. They give insurance. She did that while job hunting. Their engineer friend came back from Africa for Peace Corp, went back to school to get a Master degree, he took internship (no pay), then found a job. I don’t know if you have internship system in Ireland.

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      2. That’s a good idea, it’s worth taken less pay in order to find a proper job. It’s a good way to keep ticking over until something comes around! I don’t think they’re as big in Ireland, and possibly very hard to get here. I’ll keep looking though 😀

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  4. I had a right time finding a job. I left school went straight to college, got hit with depression left college and spent 4/5 years helping at the yard and collecting pets! I also started doing commissions for people of their animals. Then, feeling ready to go out and face the world I started the search. There was hardly anything I was qualified in, or ones that I knew I wouldn’t stick to and I hate being a let down, and the ones I went for I didn’t hear from. So I decided in October 2014 to just become self employed combining all the things I could do. Within one week of advertising my services I saw an ad looking for what I do! So I rang the lady (huge step for me!) and have been there for nearly a year now. I’ll never be rich, and I do sometimes complain that it’s not exciting, but it keeps me busy which is most important!
    Fab read, and sorry for the essay back! 🙂

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    1. I know right! Sorry to hear about the college part, must have been tough having to leave. You have to start somewhere to get somewhere though so it was really good that you did that. Also, I really like how you started your own business. It’s not an easy thing to get going but you got a job from it which is brilliant 😀 I really admire that. Must have taken a lot of courage to call, but now you have a job so it worked out well. Even if it’s not the most exciting, you still went out and earned a job employment, which is a lot better than being unemployed. Don’t worry about, I’m happy you took the time to write this message 😄 I’ll be sure to keep in touch!


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