Time Well Spent

Sorry Father, it has been four days since my last confession post. Hopefully non-Irish people will understand that phrase but anyway! It has been four days since my last post and I am sorry. Unfortunately, due to a trip away and horrendously bad wifi, both on the trip and at home, I have not been able to post anything. Trying to adhere to my frequent schedule of uploading, as well as reading and commenting on other posts, have been near impossible. Luckily for you, I’m back! Pause for silent cheers

Eventhough I haven’t had time to write and upload, I’ve had time to experience and fill my head with ideas and journeys which I can now creatively write about for your reading enjoyment. Again, silent cheers

The past few days were spent travelling with a group of my friends to a rural, coastal village called Ballybunion. One of my friends girlfriends owns a house there, so it’s sort of an annual thing to travel there each year. It’s not very far away, an hour or so at most, but it’s as if we’re travelling to Spain or Greece in our minds. As you can tell, we’re easily kept happy. It was actually looking like we wouldn’t be going this year, but luckily for us things fell into place! It always baffles me how we can enjoy a place so much, eventhough there is next to nothing in the village. Take away the beach and nightclub, a few shops and restaurants and an arcade I’ve never even ventured into, you’ll find yourself fighting off boredom. Yet, it’s one of our go to places each and every year. I guess everyone has a place like this though? A place where your mind struggles to see how it can be enjoyable, yet it’s one of your favourite destinations. I always think back to the phrase, ‘it’s the little things that count in life’. When it comes to Ballybunion, I guess that’s the case. It’s enjoyable due to the fact that it holds a soft spot in my heart. It’s a place where I can go reminisce and have fun with my friends, who I may not see a lot with college, work and other commitments. It is a beautiful place too. Clearly not the most extravagant, entertainment packed destination but it holds a sentimental value which can be hard to find.  I never find myself lacking memories from every journey, some good and some bad. 

This trip again, was packed full of memories. Again, good and bad. Some expected and some very unexpected but that’s why I love it. What’s the point in going to place where nothing is every going to happen, or at least not things that are unexpected. Obviously, you’ll get the pleasure of viewing sites and partaking in fun filled activities. But will you remember them for the rest of your lives? Maybe yes, maybe no. At least with a destination that holds sentimental value, you’ll never forgot the memories you make. In fact, you’ll cherish them. You all know by now that I love the unexpected and Ballybuion certainly provides it. I’ll save those for another post though. Cough, cough, silent cheers!

The view we had from the house was fantastic. It overlooks the beach, and as you can tell from the photos, it’s not harsh on the eyes. Unfortunately, the only downside was that the weather was miserable. Rain and mist were occupant throughout the day with no sunshine gracing us. I’m sorry but I sound like a weatherman with that statement! Although, I am looking for a job so if any weather people see this then hit me up. I’m ready! 

We went down on a Tuesday evening, which meant that it was very quiet. And by quiet I mean I saw the most of about ten people until we got into the nightclub. To then be graced by about an extra fifteen people. That’s how quiet it was! The following night was due to be the big one, with the Leaving Cert results party on. But we couldn’t show our faces at that. We are twenty one and twenty two year olds after all. So we decided to go the night before. Eventhough the nightclub was empty, we still had a good time. There were eight of us in total at the house, and to be honest that was already enough people for me to enjoy myself.  Albeit as the night drew to a close, I did do something I wasn’t exactly expecting. I went swimming, in the sea, at about 2am. It was raining and freezing cold, so imagine what the water was like. I’ll tell you, Baltic! As in could not feel my legs. To make matters worse, I can’t swim. I’m not just saying that to add excitement but I genuinely can’t swim! So technically when I say I was swimming, what I actually meant was that I was standing chest high in the Baltic water, swinging my arms around frantically trying to hold in my tears as I turn into an ice cube. All in all though it was a good night, and a badly needed trip with my friends. 

How did you spend your last few days? Any trips or exciting stories to tell? Let me know!


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