Celebrating Texas Stlye

Yesterday, I talked about my family having cause for a celebration. So celebrate we did, Texas Stlye! I’m a big lover of food, as I’d imagine most people are, and both me and my family agreed that going to a restaurant would be a perfect way to celebrate our achievements. 

We decided to go to a Texas style restaurant in our local city, called Texas Steakout Restaurant. I had been here once before, a number of years ago, but couldn’t remember much about it! That’s not to say the place is bad, I just genuinely don’t have the most reliable memory in the world! So I was excited to try it out again and replenish my lost memory. I also want to point out that my photography skills are not the best, as you will see in the photos. As I’m relatively new to blogging, the whole photography side kind of came hand and hand as part of a new experience. Hence, my lack of knowledge on how to take a good photo! It’s something I can’t wait to learn and get better at though. 

We had to book a table in advance, due to fact that it’s a very busy restaurant, but upon arrival it was clear to see the place was far from full. We were given a specific time to be there, so I presumed it would be packed to the brim. This wasn’t the case though! Maybe that’s a thing with restaurants nowadays? Booking in advance no matter what. I’m by no means an expert so I can’t be too sure how they work.  It seemed to be a lot of graduation students with their family and friends, that occupied the restaurant. Made sense, we were part of the graduation clan too. Obviously, this had no bearings on what was a thoroughly enjoyable and delicious meal!

We enjoyed a three course meal and the service was great, which is always a bonus! For starter, I had Bar-B-Cue Spare Ribs. I’ve always been a big lovers of ribs so this was an easy decision for me to make. The sauce was very nice and I can safely say I needed the wet wipe handed to me on the side. I wouldn’t have liked to have seen my face after devouring these bad boys! The only downside was the lack of meat on them, but I guess that’s always the case with ribs. Then again, I’m also not an expert on Texas food so I could be wrong on that! Can’t say Ireland is known for its ribs.

Up next was the main course, the daddy of the three course meal! After the ribs, my hunger for food was taking over me, so I couldn’t wait to tuck into my next dish. The options were really good, so it was hard to choose. I decided to go for a Mexican dish, Enchiladas. Sorry to any Texas natives I have offended in choosing a Mexican style dish! I have a soft spot for Mexican food and couldn’t resist when my eye caught it on the menu. It was quiet nice, I was hoping for better but my expectations were always going to be high. No doubt I had the plate empty in no time though. Damn, it was spicy! Those jalapeños were hot! It was still enjoyable to eat though, and I instantly felt a food baby emerge as I finished it off. I also got a side order of chips, which was nice too. Loved that the portion size was relatively big too. I hate going into restaurants when all you get is a single carrot on a plate, after paying half a days wages for it. 

Then came the pièce de rèsistance, the desert! It’s well documented that I have a sweet tooth, so this was a dish I was always going to look forward too. Another easy decision here, with the warm chocolate brownie and cream always going to be my number one. To say it was delicious was an understatement. Wow! I literally had this gone in less than a minute. You really can’t go wrong with warm chocolate brownies. A good way to end an all round good meal and celebration with the family. 

So, as you can now tell I’m a bit of a self proclaimed foodie! My love of chocolate brownies will forever be a part of me. What was the last restaurant you visited? How was the food? Let me know in the comments below! 


17 thoughts on “Celebrating Texas Stlye

  1. Well, now I’m hungry! 😉 Sounds divine.

    We usually go to one a Thai restaurant called Patoo, in Sheffield. Has its hiccups now and then but the food is heaven!

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  2. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a Texas styled restaurant before! It sounds great. My family and I usually end up going to a pizzeria or just a local place. Recently I went to a place called Match and it was so amazing! I have to say that nice service is what really puts it over the top (as well as the food obv.) since your going out to celebrate, you don’t want a frown to spoil the evening! Great Post!

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    1. Yeah it was really nice, not sure if Texas style restaurants are a thing! Pizza is great too though, can’t go wrong with a good pizza. Exactly, it adds to the atmosphere when the service is pleasant ☺️ thanks very much!

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  3. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable evening. The last restaurant I visited was The Keg. I live in Canada so I’m not sure if the Keg is in the U.S. Or not. Any way, their steaks are wonderful, especially with a side of sautéd mushrooms. I’m crazy for mushrooms. The cheese bread is also a great treat. Never mind about dessert because the meal leaves you full.

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  4. You’ve reminded me that I also have a soft spot for Mexican food. And perhaps ribs. And brownies. 🙂 One of the novelties at some of the larger Texas style chain restaurants here in the US is that they serve peanuts while you are waiting to be seated. You have to shell them as you go, but it is encouraged to toss the shells on the floor!

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  5. Ah, a fellow foodie! It is one of the few pleasures I have left, and I dive into it with gusto!

    However, as a native of Texas (I’ve lived here since 1992), I shall give you a few interesting facts about our food (most of these are serious except when they’re not, in which case they’re supposed to be funny):

    1. We have Texas Steak Out, so I’m not sure if that is related. Regardless, we have a ton of steakhouses in Texas, and most of them mention Texas if it is not mentioned in the name of the restaurant.

    2. Most restaurants in Texas do not require reservations unless it’s really posh, in which case you make them and your friends make fun of you for doing so. The steakhouses are generally “first come, first served”, and if you have to wait, you wait. The place mentioned by Miss Gold is the Texas Roadhouse, and the peanut thing made them pretty famous (of course, if you have nut allergies or OCD then it is a very bad idea to go there).

    3. BBQ (or barbecue) is a staple in Texas; in fact, it considered by some to be the sixth food group. Ribs are also popular for some reason; I don’t like getting stuff all over my hands or face, so I don’t eat them. And yes, you are correct: they do not have a lot of meat on them, so you have to eat a lot of them to get anything substantial. They have actual contests to see whose BBQ is the best. I’ve never been to one, but they seem like a dream come true.

    4. Mexican food is pretty common and fairly popular down here. Most places are chain restaurants that sell Tex-Mex, which is and isn’t Mexican food (think of it as an American/Mexican food fusion kind of thing). It also depends on what region of Texas; Mexican food is really popular in San Antonio (north Texas), but not so much further south. However, if you are TRULY adventurous you’ll go to the mom and pop places, where knowing Spanish is not necessary, but it definitely helps. They serve authentic Mexican food as it should be prepared, and once you have some of that that, Tex-Mex is paltry and tasteless by comparison.

    5. They say everything is big in Texas, and there are few exceptions. Overflowing plates of food are almost required here.

    6. No matter what the restaurant serves, there always seems to be a brownie listed somewhere on the dessert menu. Typically it is a heated brownie with ice cream (always vanilla), and it is huge (see #5). The brownie in your photograph would be considered quaint by some standards.

    I hope I have been able to clarify some points of our cuisine. 😀

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    1. I think everyone is a self-proclaimed foodie deep down! I’ll have to take your word on this, seeing as you are a native and all!

      I’m not sure if there is a correlation between the two, we only have the one in my city. I prefer a restaurant where you can just go in, sit down and enjoy the great food. As for peanuts, I’m a big fan and love the idea. Although I do sympathise with the allergens and OCD people! Poor guys. I’m a huge fan of ribs, and if I ever see a contest like that then I’ll more than likely be the first signed up! I just imagine the food in the US and Texas is so nice compared to the BBQ food here.

      This all sounds fantastic. I was in an authentic Mexican-style restaurant in Barcelona a couple months back and it was so so good. It’s not as popular in Ireland either though, apart from the odd place here and there. I can see how overflowing plates of food could be a novelty to me, as a first timer, but it may be a problem diet wise! I’ve seen pictures of brownies in America and they are far from small, so that’s a very valid point.

      I must apologize for not replying quicker! This was one of my favourites comments to read ever. You made me laugh so you did good in that department and the information was great! Thank you, you’re a true foodie!

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      1. Of course you have to take my word for it. I’m a native, after all. 😉

        I have never had “Texas-related” food in other locations other than Texas, so I couldn’t tell you if the restaurant you went to was close or not. However, it sounds like it was rather close (I’m still laughing over the “brownie and cream”…that sounds like something I absolutely have to try).

        Sadly, I have both peanut allergies and OCD. 😦 I love their food, though.

        I would love to visit Spain (heck, I would love to visit any place outside of America!). I cannot tell you if the Mexican food there is the same as we know it; however, there is a very good chance that they are related but different. Food drift (a word of my own making, that) is rather common, and American cuisine is a prime example. We take ethnic foods and do to them what we do to other languages: We steal it, change it around a little, and claim that we came up with it in the first place.

        I am extremely laid back; reply now, reply in a week, or don’t reply at all…it is no bother to me. *laughs* I am very glad to hear my post was well-received, and if you ever happen to come over and one of those places just happens to be Houston, I’d be happy to show you the good places!

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      2. I know! I can’t say obviously but it did taste really good. It was so nice, small, but wow 🙂 Sorry to hear! Spain is a lovely country. I’ve never been to America and I Can’t wait to go. Love that word! I think it will be hard to steal Mexican traditional food and make it American but maybe it’s already been done! Yeah, sounds great. I may take you up on that offer someday 😀

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