The Little Prince

It has become very apparent to me that inspiration, motivation, happiness and many more positive emotions can be preached through many different types of mediums. It’s common to experience these feelings through real life occurrences – whether it be talking to a person or witnessing an action first hand. This is through the medium of reality. … More The Little Prince

A Call for Consistency

One of the major concerns I had with moving to Tarragona was a change in my athletic environment. Consistency is key when it comes to running competitively. Throughout my athletic career, consistency is an area I have been lacking through no fault of my own. Certain situations have led me to constant change within a … More A Call for Consistency

Blog Addition

Later on tonight, I will be adding a new addition to my blog. This addition is something I am very passionate about. Health and Fitness! Athletics is a big part of my life, so my experience with health and fitness is quite vast. So, what will this page entail? Everything from my athletics career, training, … More Blog Addition

Catalan National Day

Well, I certainly timed my journey to Tarragona well. It usually takes me a few days to settle into my new surroundings, if not a week. Luckily for me, things went a lot more smoothly this time. Mainly due to the fact that yesterday was Catalan National Day, or ‘La Diada‘ as the Catalans themselves … More Catalan National Day

A Day of Travel

The time had come. The time for travel! Yesterday, I set off for Tarragona. An unexpected journey, but one I had come to look forward too. Every downside in life has a contrasting upside. Some people tend to dwell on the downside for far too long. Me? I’m gliding straight up that upside avenue! To … More A Day of Travel