Why Online Dating Might Work For You

I’m by no means an expert on relationships or romance, although I’m beginning to become more adjusted to the concept. Someone who has certainly adjusted when it comes to this area is Rosie from the blog ‘Hookup Cultures’! I’ve been reading her blog now for a while and it’s really good. Especially for someone like me, who wouldn’t be the best in these situations!

Her latest post is about online dating. I’ve personally used apps such as Tinder, but what do people really want from a social media dating app like this? Well, you’re in luck! Rosie is here to save the day and sprinkle some insight..

Be sure to check her blog out and follow her if you enjoyed, it’s a great! read!

Rosie Culture

Online dating…I don’t recommend it.

I hate Tinder, Match was awful, Coffee Meets Bagel was annoying, Bumble is just frustrating. All of these things aren’t bad because I’m against online dating, they’re bad because online dating is not for most people.

If you are young, single, career driven, and happy – you reallydon’t need those dating apps. And going on dates off of them is just going to drive you insane. Why? Because you have better things to do with your time than go eat sushi with a stranger and feel pretty uncomfortable the whole time.

Because you work in a place where you can meet people. Your friends work in places where they can introduce you to people. You go out on weekends to places where you can meet people. You are simply adding another thing to your agenda, something that you aren’t even that enthusiastic about because…

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43 thoughts on “Why Online Dating Might Work For You

  1. God …the whole concept of ‘dating’ frightens me to death …I don’t know whether it’s my age ….whether it’s the term ‘dating’ …I mean I can have a brew and chat with ANYONE but ‘date’
    Folk used to be always trying to fix me up …which was REALLY embarrassing …and encourage me to go online too …that’s why I named my iPad Eric …..now when folk say ‘What are you doing at the weekend?’
    I say …’Oh …just spending it chillin with Eric’
    How sad is that?:D:D:D …but absolutely true:D:D:D

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    1. It also frightens me, a lot! I feel I’m still too young to start dating and taking things serious but every person has a different opinion on it. hahahaha, that’s a brilliant approach. I love that 🙂

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  2. I would not want to date in this day and age! But, that said, I met my spouse through something called “Get Acquainted” ads in the local newspaper. He wrote an “ad”, I answered (along with a photo), and we’ve been married for 27 years!

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    1. I think I agree with you, I’m still only young and don’t want anything too serious just yet. I plan to enjoy my youth as much as I can. That’s a beautiful story, I’m glad to hear.

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  3. I don’t think we ever become experts at the dating or relationship game unfortunately! At least not in my experience, and I have a good 13 years on you 😭 hehe. Missed far too many frogs and still waiting for that prince!
    In my experience, the ones that last are the ones you’re not looking for, that take you by surprise. Apps have not been good to me!

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    1. I think I agree, albeit I;ve never really gone on many dates. But I guess its a trial and error process until you find the right person. Yes haha, I have it all to look forward too. I agree, it’s better to expect the unexpected, makes things more interesting and real. They haven’t been much use to me either.


    1. You’re lucky. It is all ahead of me and I’m having mixed feelings. I guess when the time comes I might change my mind and want to get more serious on the dating scene.


  4. *laughs*

    I’ve tried the dating app thing, and I’ve never had any luck whatsoever with them. I’m already awkward enough as it is, but put me in an alien situation where I don’t know the social rules and I’m even worse. My tastes are also really limited and most definitely /not/ “modern”, so it is incredibly difficult to find anyone that doesn’t p*** me off…or someone patient enough not to get p****d off at me. *laughs*

    Thankfully, my new medication has helped immeasurably in that regard, and now I don’t even worry about dating one bit. To paraphrase Hookup Culture: I have far more important things to do.

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    1. I think it is hit and miss for many people. Some get joy and others fail miserably, no inbetween! Lol, you’re living a life of tough romance. I wouldn’t be as picky but It still doesn’t mean i get much joy from these apps, I’m quite shy. As do I, for the moment at least. Things will change in the future but for now I’m the same as you. Concentrating on more important things.


    1. It’s true, I feel it would be easier to make a connection when seeing a person in reality, as opposed to using an app. For people who are more introverted it can help I guess. Some people get great enjoyment from apps and others don’t!

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      1. Yes, if you don’t have any chemistry then it will inevitably crumble and fail. From my experience on Tinder, I believe it is quite safe. I haven’t used any others but I do know it is always a possibility that something like that can happen. I understand where you are coming from.

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    1. I know, it’s crazy to think. It’s pleasing to hear that people really do find true love through a social media app. I guess it works for me, and doesn’t for others. Thank you for your comment.

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  5. Hey Dean, thanks for posting this and leading to ‘Hookup Culture’- certainly a relevant blog for me 🙂 Just to throw a cat amongst the pigeons, though Im completely cool with those looking for ‘the one’, I discovered this lifestyle just isnt for me and am forging a new way of life for myself – one that doesnt assume ultimate coupledom. I’m discovering through blogging and Twitter that there are others out there like me too!

    You can find more about my theories & my recent first Tinder date in my blog – it was quite an experience!

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    1. No problem, it was a great blog post! I don’t have the same feelings towards it as you, but I appreciate people who are looking for ‘the one’. I’m not quite ready for the relationship part of my life yet, but when the time comes I will relish it 🙂 Exactly, everybody has someone that is compatible for them, it is just about waiting and then you will find!


  6. Online dating can be so discouraging but I’ve just learned to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. It’s one of the most disastrously funny things I do on a regular basis. Tinder is my favorite though, have you tried Tinder Social? It’s especially funny because you’re basically going on dates with your friends and you can laugh about what happened together when it’s over.

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    1. It’s a good way to look at it, and it can be very humorous at times. I would take the non-serious approach myself. Yeah I have used tinder now and again, I can never take it serious though! The enjoyment from it is worth trying!

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      1. Highly doubtful lol, but then again you never know. Tinder seems to be more for friends and people looking for one night stands. Oh wow, that’s encouraging to hear 🙂

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      2. I’ll try it and see, can’t say I have the best profile but may as well give it a go! That’s good to hear, although was it fun of laughing at peoples chat up lines or fun of actually going on a date? lol.

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      3. Both!!! Sometimes the initial chat was the funny bit, but sometimes when we met up with them it was funny as well. We did actually meet a few we genuinely liked.


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