A Day of Travel

The time had come. The time for travel! Yesterday, I set off for Tarragona. An unexpected journey, but one I had come to look forward too. Every downside in life has a contrasting upside. Some people tend to dwell on the downside for far too long. Me? I’m gliding straight up that upside avenue! To be fair, I can’t complain too much. I’m going to a city where the weather is a constant 30 degrees, occupied by numerous stretches of beach and a culture I had become accustomed to through living in Barcelona. You’re all aware of the downsides by now, so it’s time to look on this journey in a more positive note. A new experience, a new destination and a new challenge. I can’t wait!


Yesterday was dedicated to a day of travel. A long day too. To say I was tired upon arrival was an underestimation. The worst part was that I arrived in Tarragona relatively early. I’ve come to terms with the fact that travelling makes me really tired. And I’ve done a lot of plane trips back and forth over the past year! So, that’s a lot of tiredness and I still can’t get used to it.  My flight was at 9am in Dublin airport. I don’t mind actually being in Dublin airport, it’s the journey to Dublin that kills me. I live in limerick, which is further down south of Ireland. This meant having to get up at 5.30am to travel to Dublin, which is roughly 2.30 hours away from my house. My father kindly offered to drive me up, which was a blessing. I’d much rather sit in the car with my dad than take two buses, which is what I would have had to do if it wasn’t for my dad’s lovely gesture. He also had work that day, so for him to get up that early and go straight from Dublin back to Limerick for work was really nice. The things my parents do for me!

Needless to say, I arrived at the airport in good time. I could barely keep my eyes open at this stage, and I wasn’t even on the plane yet. Very much reminiscent of a zombie. Airports are very much a routine for me. I pretty much do the exact same thing every time. I always arrive roughly an hour and a half before departure, go straight up to the departures notice to see where my gate is, go more or less straight to the gate and wait. I don’t like to overcomplicate things. There isn’t much to do in an airport anyway!


Surprisingly enough, I was on the plane in no time. Usually the waits are tedious but it went around quite fast this time. Thankfully. The plane was roughly 2.30 hours, although I’m not sure if that takes into account the hour difference or not. I have no idea how different timezones work to be honest. I knew beforehand it would be a good time to catch up on some sleep. I was sitting right at the back of the plane, which meant I could get off relatively quickly upon arrival to Reus Airport. Guess what I didn’t end up doing though? Sleep.

There was so much happening around me that I didn’t want to sleep, for fear of missing out on anything. Every small thing that was occurring on the plane ignited my mind and I began to think and think. Not only think, but write too. Me not sleeping turned out to be a positive, and not a negative.

One thing that did catch my attention was how positive young children are. They never seem to look for the negatives in life. Atleast not the children that were on this plane anyway.  The journey certainly added emphasis to this. It seemed as though there was an endless amount of children on the plane. Loud children, but comical all the same. Two rows ahead of me, there was a family but in particular a young girl. She must have been only three or four at most. Before the plane took off, she kept repeating over and over in a chirpy and cheerful voice, “It’s going to crash”. If anyone was scared of flying, that certainly wasn’t going to relax them. It did amuse a few of us though, who giggled at this child. It’s safe to say she doesn’t know what’s the right and wrong thing to say yet. Three rows behind me, another young child was sitting with his family. A boy. Slightly more acceptable with his words! He was sitting beside his older or younger brother (I’m not sure which) and shouted loudly in a surprised tone, “Jackson, look how high we are! I think I can see the whole world from here.”. This again was followed by a handful of laughs. I wasn’t the only person to appreciate and admire the imagination and enthusiasm of this boy.


Before I knew it, we had arrived in Reus airport. I was feeling more fresh and excited after the plane trip, something I thought would be the complete opposite. Although once I got back into the travelling side again, the tiredness quickly returned. I had to wait an hour at the airport for a bus to Reus city. This seemed bizarre to me having to wait that long for a bus to a city, that was no more than five minutes from the airport, but apparently I did. Maybe I missed a bus beforehand, I don’t know. The airport was tiny, so again I found myself not really doing much apart from sitting down and relaxing. An hour had passed and I was on the bus to Reus city, and then to Tarragona from there. The wait wasnt as long in Reus and I found myself at the front door of my apartment in no more than thirty minutes. I just about made it up the flight of stairs and straight onto my bed where I slept like a baby.

So there you have it, my day of travel. It was long and dreary with occasional bursts of inspiration and comedy but I made it. It’s time to settle in and get used to my surroundings. I’m eager. Let’s see what Tarragona has in store for me on my ever growing life experience.

Do you enjoy travelling on a plane or find it more tedious? Where was the last place you visited? Let me know in the comments below!  

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35 thoughts on “A Day of Travel

  1. I’m glad you have arrived safely, and understand your tiredness. I hope you soon settle in and start enjoying your new adventure.
    I fly now and then to see my family in the UK. It is a 12 hour flight from Cape Town to London – and then you have Heathrow at the end of it! I can’t sleep on the plane, and am exhausted when I arrive, so never plan to do anything strenuous for a few days.

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    1. Thanks! I’ve already started to settle in, you’ll see that later! It is very different though but I’ll get used to it all soon. That’s a very long flight, and I thought I was tired after two and a half. Yes, a very bust airport! It’s best rest up. No point in making yourself even more tired trying to do everything in the first day or two.

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  2. Sounds like a good start on this next leg of your life. Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan and we have negative thoughts. But you never know what you’ll experience and it might be that something will appear in your life and you’ll go, “oohh, that’s why I’m here right now” . And it could be that it’s the best thing to happen in your life so far. I wish this for you. You will do a lot of things in your life and one day you’ll look back on this part of your life and think that it was a pretty good part of your life.
    As for me and plane travel… I used to fly but I no longer enjoy it and haven’t flown in about ten years. If I have some place to go, that’s on the North American continent I would prefer to drive.
    Looking forward to hearing more of your escapades over the next six or so months. 🙂

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    1. I hope so! I totally agree, more often than not it’s the things you didn’t expect in your life that turn out to be the best! I hope it is, I’m looking forwards to it! It’s nearly easier drive to be honest. Then you don’t have the hassle of airports or planes. I’ve been on a plane way too much over the last year. Thank you. I look forward to sharing with you 🙂

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  3. Best of luck on this exciting phase of your life. I’m sure like most things, it won’t all be plain sailing, but oh what a backdrop. I am green with envy. Squeeze the marrow out of it, before the corporate vampires get their teeth into ya is my advice! (sorry – I mean I hope you manage to find a way to avoid the corporate vampires too!)
    What those kids said made me laugh. Beautiful.

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    1. Thank you, I’m looking forward to it. It won’t but the scenery alone here is fantastic. It’s put me in a great mood. I actually understood your phrase, I’m learning your language haha. It was very funny!

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  4. Having moved all the time as a kid, I really don’t see travelling in general to be tedious or boring; if anything, we feel a sense of fatalistic resignation and a “well, let’s get this finished as soon as possible” sort of mentality. It is certainly stressful, but everything sort of calms down after it’s all said and done.

    I have not travelled by plane in quite some time now; I want to say the last time was early 90s? It was before 9/11, so it was pretty boring at that point.

    I must say I enjoy travelling by plane because it’s fascinating to see the world from a different perspective. I also like thinking about the awesome amount of science that not only created the airplane but also keeps it in the air.

    Good luck and safe travels!

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    1. I guess you got used to the whole travelling side of things, whereas it’s all new to me so I’m not too keen! That’s true, once it’s over it’s over and there’s no more worrying. Wow, that is quite some time. I like the way you look at the journey in that way. Sitting back and thinking is always soothing!


    1. Thank you Judy! I feel it’s the best way to be. There’s no point in getting too upset about it. I’m sure you will if you stay positive 🙂 Anytime, thank you for this lovely comment!

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    1. Thanks great to hear. I’m glad you take the adventurous route, certainly wont be boring! Travelling is wonderful so if you get the chance then go to as many places as possible!


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