Sleeping Soldier Routine

Routines can be a good thing, but also very bad. It’s a mixed bag when it comes to getting used to something. If a person gets up every morning at 7am and goes for a jog, it’s great! You’re body is used to a set routine and it’s natural. But, if a person sleeps everyday until 2pm or eats unhealthy food it’s not so good. That person is enhancing habits of laziness and unproductivity. Routines can easily be broken and not so easily reignited. It’s a mind game at the end of the day!

One routine I have however had for as long I can remember is my sleeping pattern. You may think this is a strange routine to talk about. Maybe it is, but it’s probably the most consistent routine I’ve kept throughout my life. It always reminds me of a soldier marching, having to hold a strict choreography. Every move is detailed, ordered and structured in a specific way. It’s the same routine, progressively and strictly taking place until it’s objective is completed. Like my sleeping pattern, I have become adjusted to a set routine that progressively allows me to fall asleep.

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I’ll always start flat down on my stomach to the right hand side of the bed, then progressively turn to the left side in the same position. Then, I’ll turn onto my back and lie in both left and then right areas of the bed again. After this, I’ll turn to my side and put the duvet in between my two legs, again on both left and right sides. Finally, I’ll lie onto my back again with one hand under my pillow and it’s game over. It doesn’t matter what bed I sleep in,the same outcome occurs. I don’t have a time frame for when I move into the next position, it just naturally happens.

I can’t particularly remember when this routine started to become more prominent. Obviously, when I was a young baby I didn’t set out in my mind a way to sleep. I just hit the cot and conked out! Even from my early childhood years, it wasn’t a thing I really thought about. Until One day, I just started doing it and I’ve never looked back. It’s very specific but it works so well.

Photo Credit: Flickr

Unfortunately I know it will be a routine I will have to say goodbye to in the future. If I get married or have a long term girlfriend, this routine will sadly be vanquished. It would be impossible to keep such a choreography with another person in the bed. Unless I climb over that person to reach the specific position in the bed that I need, but let’s face it that’s far from ideal. If I was a girl, I certainly wouldn’t want me climbing over them in bed to get in a specific position, only to move back again after a certain period of time. I wouldn’t be long having no girlfriend or wife!

With anything in life though, change can be good. I’m sure this future change in routine won’t destroy my sleeping pattern indefinitely. It will take time to adapt to a new routine, but I’m sure I’ll find a way that will let me sleep like a baby again. It’s about adapting to your new environment and learning a new way that feels comfortable and enjoyable for you. For now, I’ll enjoy my long loved sleeping routine. When the time for change comes, I’ll accept it and look for a new way to routinely sleep.

Do you have a specific sleeping pattern that you adhere too? Have you found yourself changing the way you sleep over time? Let me know in the comments below!

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21 thoughts on “Sleeping Soldier Routine

  1. That was a really good one. And I know how hard it is for you to change from the routine but, also the fun you get from trying new things is also something I’ve found surprisingly acceptable. I totally get what you mean. All in all great post. 😊😁

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  2. I sleep on my side and not on my back or stomach (sleeping on my stomach is particularly uncomfortable!). I have been like that since I can remember and have never changed it (even if I do go to sleep on my back, I end up waking up on my side). I have also been told I am a very active sleeper, though, which can be difficult when living with a partner because I usually steal the covers. 😛

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    1. It’s interesting how different people adapt to different patterns. It’s a natural predicament to wake up on your favoured side, it happens with me too! I can imagine haha, you need your comfort with the covers 🙂


  3. The fact that you remember the exact positions your body attains throughout the night is remarkably funny to me. I can’t remember anything after I sleep, sleeping like a baby and all.

    As for patterns, I guess I’ve had many till now. I used to sleep on my stomach sometime in the teenage years, not anymore.

    Good post, with a tincture of humour added.

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  4. I tend to sleep on my left side and remain virtually unmoved throughout most nights!

    My sleep routine has more to do with the times I wake up. It drives me insanely nuts! No matter when I set my alarm for, my brain, without fail, wakes me up EXACTLY three minutes prior to the alarm! I should be thankful because I wake up bright-eyed every time, but I always end feeling cheated of that extra three minutes!

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    1. Nice, that’s such a contrast to me pattern! Wow, I can imagine how you’d go crazy. That’s three minute less sleep haha. Three minutes of sleep will add up eventually! It’s good you wake up bright-eyed though 🙂


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