A Story of Phones: The Highs and Lows


Over the past few months, I’ve had the experience of truly feeling the highs and lows of emotion from a sequence of events and occurrences. These occurrences being in relation to the experience I’ve had with mobile phones. The extreme highs of never spending high quantities of money on material goods to the lows of harsh luck and giving in to indulgences. It really was a roller coaster ride that’s undoubtedly going to continue over the next couple of months. That is until I finally sort everything out!

It all started when my iPhone 4 took a turn for the worse and started going A-Wall! Due to the fact that I had the phone for a substantial amount of time (We’re talking years), the iOS was unable to update to newer versions and this meant that the phone was unable to function. Apps were not able to work as they could not be updated, the speakers weren’t working in calls and general use and in a way Apple was telling me that this phones sell by date was well and truly expired. For those of you who start to say that having an iPhone means you do buy high valued material goods, I personally didn’t buy it. It was my mother’s who then kindly handed it over to me when she decided to buy a new phone for herself. The fact that I’ve had the phone to this point shows that I’m not one for going out spending hundreds of euro on a phone every two years. I was perfectly happy to play out this phone until it died, which it duly did.

The iPhone 4 died (RIP) roughly four months ago. You were a great servant iPhone 4, a great servant! So, this left me evaluating my options. Did I want to go buy a phone for a couple of hundred euro? Not particularly. This is where the story takes a happy upturn. My brother had previously owned a Sony Experia Z3 Compact, but had broken the screen on it a few months in. He had decided to buy himself a new phone instead of fixing the Sony. Ideal for me who then found it lying helplessly broken in a cupboard gathering dust. Solution! I fixed that bad boy up and off I was again with a technically ‘brand spanking new’ phone. The phone itself was a big change from the iOS I was so lovingly used too. The concept of using an Android phone was uncomfortable for me but I got used to it. It was actually a really good phone and fitted my needs perfectly. It cost me 70 euro to fix it up and in the long run I saw this as a great deal. This phone was hopefully going to last me another half-decade of years at least. Unfortunately not the case..

So, as you may have guessed, this is where my story takes a turn for the worse. A horribly huge bouldering turn! About a month into using the Sony phone, I broke the screen. Quite easily and very much unaware to me. Now I can see why my brother didn’t fix it. Apparently this phone has a history for breaking exceptionally easily. I wasnt long finding this out. It happened while I was at work, presumably hitting it off something and cracking the screen. Although, this seemed bizarre to me as the iPhone never even got a scratch while in my pocket at work. So for the Sony to break so quickly and easily like that was baffling to me. I mean I wasn’t really even doing manual work as such, or at least nothing too strenuous to break a phone. Just my luck!

Poor phone … Pardon the upside down photo!

The following two weeks saw me in denial of what had occurred. The phone just about still worked, so I just about managed to find a way to live with it and make it work for me. I was not mentally ready to get rid of it so quickly. Making the most of my now broken but usable phone was my top priority. Until of course it completed died and I was left contemplating my phone choices again. RIP Sony Experia Z3 Compact. You were a not so good servant but you tried your best!

Where did I stand at this point? Giving in to the indulgences of phone purchasing. After all these years of spending minimal money on a phone, I was going to go all out. By all out, I mean iPhone 7 Plus all out! I had saved up a bit of money through working extra hours over the Christmas period and decided to finally indulge in material goods. Obviously, I didn’t have 800-900 euro to buy the phone straight out and looked for a more reasonable approach in receiving the phone. The approach I found was changing from pay as you go over to bill pay. The deal I managed to find was a 400 euro once off fee for the phone plus 40 euro a month over a two year period. This included all the usually concepts i.e data, unlimited texts and calls plus Spotify premium as an incentive/bonus. The excitement got to me and I had found myself clicking the order button online in no time. What was to then occur over the next period of time was a whole different ball game, one that I will be talking about very soon.

Have you had any similar experiences like this with a phone or other material goods? Are you lucky or unlucky when it comes to the upkeep of your purchases? Let me know in the comments below! 

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9 thoughts on “A Story of Phones: The Highs and Lows

  1. Oh dear! Well, I currently have a strip of sellotape across the top of my phone. It fell out of the case onto the concrete garden path. I’m holding out for as long as possible as I don’t want to purchase a new one, as my contract is almost up. I must say, my Samsung sid serve me well though!

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    1. Oh no, you know the feeling so lol! That is quite unlucky. I think people are generally just lucky or unlucky when it comes to phones. I’m glad you had a streak of luck. Hold on and you’ll have a lovely new phone soon 🙂

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  2. Ha ha. A revolving door of smartphones.
    Here in India, buying the IPhone 7 is a huge deal for a person. I think it costs some ₹ 60-70k. Far too expensive for a normal person. Hope you found it to your liking.


    1. It really was and it felt as though it was endless lol! Wow, that’s very pricey. I really do think it’s overpriced in the first place anyway, and you’re really just paying for the brand. Thanks!

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  3. I have always been lucky with my phones, but that’s because I don’t make THAT much money and I’m really paranoid. Also, I used to work tech support for a cellphone company and we had to deal with very upset people over broken phones (some of the stories we heard were really bizarre), so I don’t want to ever get into that position!

    Regardless, I am sorry to hear about your phone. 😦 My iPhone has all my numbers and miscellaneous information in it, so I’m in a bad spot if I lose it.


    1. That’s good, you’re like me so! I couldn’t imagine buying an iPhone 7 and then breaking it within two weeks, that would make me paranoid! You know how I feel so, I was very disappointed! I’ve had the problem sorted now so it’s ok!


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