Hitting those PB’s!

The word a Sprinter loves so dearly, PB. The satisfaction one can receive for hitting one of those is joyous. Today, I got to feel this joyous emotion. For those of you who don’t know what  a ‘PB’ is, it’s a personal best. It’s not specifically related to athletics and is a common term in regards a handful of sports and events. PB’s can be hit on the track, in the gym and in many other areas. As I’m a sprinter, the term PB will be in relation to either runs on the track or in the gym.

So, why is a PB such a joyous and important aspect of training? Simple. It shows progress. I consistently look for progress throughout my life, but in terms of athletics it’s a great feeling. All those runs and tough trainings are working and I’m being rewarded with faster times. Today, I was rewarded with a PB over 300m. A big one at that! Knocking roughly 1.50 secs off my previous time. That may not seem like a lot for all you folks but in relation to athletics times it’s a very good return.

Current Personal Best 300m = 38.23

At first, I wasn’t actually happy with the time I ran which sounds bizarre now seeing as I knocked a second and a half off my previous time. I’ve set a goal of reaching high 36’s to low 37’s and I really felt I could have done a bit better today. Before the session, I consistently told myself I was going to hit a 37, so for me to come out with a low 38 was a small bit disappointing at first. Especially as my two training partners hit 37’s. As I began to think about my time after the run, it started to hit me that it is only December and in reality I can take this PB as an extreme positive going into the summer. I’m sure without a doubt I’ll reach my goals come then. For now, I need to be happy with the progress I’m making and try not to rush and expect too much so soon. I am after all not even a year in the sport.

The session today was a 4 x 5 x 40 with a 300m run at the end. Overall, the session went pretty well and I felt good. The 4om runs were at a fast pace and this continued into the 300m run at the end. No complaints can be had really, apart from not hitting a 37! Progress is key though and I can feel myself getting better each week which is a great feeling.

On a positive note, running the PB over 300m today leaves me in a confident positive to hopefully run a good time in my season opener next week over 200m. It’s good to be going into the race with a boost of confidence and I’m looking forward to the possibility of another PB.


8 thoughts on “Hitting those PB’s!

    1. That’s great to hear, I’m glad he’s making progress! I guess it’s not all that common a term unless you’re involved in a sport. I know it can be called PR in America. I agree.


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