Experimental Smoothie Shake

As a runner, putting my body through tough conditions and vigorous workouts is a normal occurrence. High intensity training means that I need to feed my body with adequate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins in order to recover and improve my performance.

Due to the fact that I’m currently juggling between college, work and training – finding time to make room to eat a meal every 2-3 hours becomes difficult. More so during my four hour work shifts, where eating while working is not allowed. It has been proven that your body starts to eat into muscle when you go long periods without eating. As it would not be good for my body to go four hours with no food, I had to improvise and look for a solution. The solution being smoothies! Easy to make, high in nutritional value and a quick fix when working for a long period of time. It’s also going to give you an energy boost, depending on what you put in it.

I’m now in the experimental phase of making/trying new smoothie recipes. So, luckily for you good people I can share these all with you. The good and the bad, hopefully good though! My first attempt saw me making the self-named ‘Smoothly‘ recovery smoothie (don’t judge the name!).


150ml Low-Fat Milk

100ml Water

30g Oats

25g MyProtein Cookies & Cream Protein

50g Smoothie Mix Mango, Pineapple & Papaya

50g Smoothie Mix Berries

Nutritional Information:

356 Calories

46g Carbohydrates

42g Protein

6g Fat

As I am very much new to smoothie making, the nutritional information will fluctuate from time to time. Protein is very important for me in relation to recovering and muscle growth, so increasing that will come in time. These values work well for me but don’t be afraid to change the amounts in each ingredient to change the overall values of your shake to your liking. It’s very personalised, which is ideal for your needs and what you are looking for.

 Do you guys make smoothies? Let me know your favourite recipes in the comments below! 



12 thoughts on “Experimental Smoothie Shake

  1. This sounds ideal for me during the day – I’m trying to put weight on and find it hard to bring myself to snack or lunch during the day, this sounds ideal!

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    1. It’s a good fit for you so, especially due to the fact that you can up the calories easily with a few ingredients or even added amounts of the previous ingredients. I’m glad you liked it!


  2. This is something I have just begun to get into. I am such a bad cook with absolutely no desire to learn. I split with my partner, (who did all the cooking), 6 months ago and since being single my diet has been appalling! I can mange one decent meal a day but the other 2 feel like such a chore so having been recommended a nutri bullet i decided to make the purchase. Wow! I love it! For the first time in my life i am really interested in food, Im super organised too, freezing ingredients and learning what goes together, this new me has taken me rather by surprise!!!
    This was today’s favorite

    1 cup kale
    1/4 grapefruit
    1 cup raspberries
    1/2 in ginger
    1.5 cup coconut water


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    1. It’s a good habit to get into and very efficient. Sorry to hear lol, it’s a tough world. I’m learning to cook myself, I’ve gotten a lot better I’d like to think. It takes time to cook a meal, I agree. Bulk cooking could maybe be a good option for you? I’m glad to hear it’s going well for you! I’m going to try that smoothie, it sounds nice. Although ginger is an intriguing ingredient to add!


      1. Bulk cooking still requires cooking…lol but yes l do on occasion. And thank you, I don’t really miss the partner…Just the cooking!!! I’m not a fan of ginger but you can’t actually notice it. That’s another thing l like about these smoothies, you can have all the stuff you don’t like as you can’t taste it!!

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      2. That’s true, but I guess it’s better to knock off 3-4 days cooking in one go than to cook a few meals a day. It is still cooking though which is a problem! I can imagine. That’s the good thing about blending, you can through in ingredients that usually wouldn’t taste great alone but go unnoticed in a smoothie.

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  3. I used to do strawberries, blueberries, bananas, French vanilla low fat frozen yogurt, honey, and a splash of milk or almond milk…I also had this daily greens supplement that I occasionally added in (it didn’t taste great, but in the smoothie it was tolerable). I got a little annoyed with it though because it was so thick that it would stick to the inside of my cup and I felt like quite a bit got wasted. Probably could just add a little more milk or water and solve that problem. Either way, it was delicious and that’s important!

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    1. That sounds really nice! A benefit of smoothies is that you can hide the taste of foods you may not enjoy but are healthy for you! Maybe add some water or ice cubes and it might help with the texture 🙂 That’s great to hear!

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