Growing Audience

I reached two milestones recently in my blogging journey. Milestones of progress! The first milestone was that I reached 100 likes on my Facebook page – Build a Dean. The second being that I reached 1,337 WordPress followers.

It’s great to think that I’m reaching out to so many people of all ages and vast walks of life. The blog is viewed not only in my home country, but throughout the world. I never thought it would be possible for my content to become so accessible and it’s wonderful to see the progressive reach throughout my blog’s lifespan.


The facebook page is now currently on 116 likes and continues to grow each day. Social media, especially Facebook, is extremely hard to grow and it has been a slow progress. Progress all the same though! It’s an aspect of the blog I am looking to work on greatly, and will be producing more content on Facebook for the foreseeable future. There’s content on the Facebook page that doesn’t overlap with the blog, so it’s a good way to see a different side of me. I believe that social media is extremely important and opens up a whole new aspect in terms of growth. I’m delighted with the growth to date and hope to continue growing and growing.For those of you following the blog and all newcomers, I would highly appreciate if you hit the like button on my Facebook page in order to continue this growth. It takes a second and will help me connect even further with you all! You can like the page here :


The other milestone saw my blog reach a strangely numbered achievement. 1,337! I’ve seen a few people talk about this notification and It’s rather bizarre to me but I won’t complain. I’m grateful to WordPress for sending these little notifications of achievement from time to time. The wordpress following continues to grow gradually each day also and I appreciate all the people who go to the effort of following the blog. Again, it’s allow me to reach you all and I’m grateful that my content can be made so easy accessible.


In regards the blog’s content, I’m constantly thinking and planning of content to produce for you the readers. Not just content, but content that is honest and worth the read. I love writing and this blog is allowing me to express my opinion and hopefully help some of you along the way. I have plenty more to come and will continue to produce genuine work.

Thank you all!!


41 thoughts on “Growing Audience

    1. Thanks! I agree, I’m ok with being the tortoise and not the rushing hare! That’s really good to hear, and I’m sure in time you will succeed with this πŸ‘πŸ» Best of luck!

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