Gym Progression #2

Yesterday, I returned to the gym for my bi-weekly session. Unfortunately, I had missed two gym sessions over the past week and a half due to my illness. I was a bit sceptical to return yesterday but I made the choice to give it a go. It kills me not to be training so I was always going to return as soon as possible realistically! This week’s sessions were meant to be a recovery week, where we lower the weight and reps in order to allow our body time to rest and full recovery. This is a normal occurrence at the end of every four week block.

Due to the fact that I had missed a full week of gym i.e. two sessions, I decided to consider that week out my recovery week and use the last block as a catch up period. This meant keeping/adding the weight on each exercise and following the sets and reps as if it was week 3 of the block.

Surprisingly enough, I felt extremely good during the workout. I thought there might have been  a backlash due to the week out but I felt great and even hit a few PR’s. It nice to know that I haven’t stalled yet and I’m consistently increasing the weight each week. I was particularly happy with the weighted hip lifts, where I hit a PR of 120kg on my last set, an increase of 5kg from the previously session. Other increases include an additional 12.5kg on the step ups, a 15kg increase on the RDL and a small increase of 5kg on the jammer press. All of which are PR’s. The only downside was the walking lunge, where I dropped down to 16kg (previous 17.5kg), mainly due to the fact that I couldn’t find the 17.5kg dumbells in the gym! I felt that going up to 20kg would have been too much so I decided to go back down to 16kg for all three sets.

Overall, still happy with the progress and looking forward to the new block starting tomorrow! Sorry for the lack of video/photo content, I’m working on it. Hoping to have something sorted for this week coming!

Week 14 stats:

Body weight: 68kg

Weighted Hips Lifts – 3 x 8,6,6 for 110kg, 110kg, 120kg

Step Up (Barbell) – 3 x 8,8,6 for 50kg, 60kg, 60kg

Walking Lunge (Dumbells) – 3 x 8,8,6 for 16kg

RDL (Barbell) – 3 x 10,8,8 for 50kg, 55kg, 55kg

Jammer Press – 3 x 8 for 27.5kg, 27.5kg, 30kg



12 thoughts on “Gym Progression #2

  1. Congrats. I had surgery almost a month ago and I’m not *technically* supposed to be doing any weight training until I see my doctor on Feb. 1. I know how you feel about feeling bad about not training. I started skipping the big stuff and just doing the things I can do with 5lb hand weights just to keep myself in motion and doing a little light cardio on the bike and treadmill. I don’t want to hurt myself but I also don’t want to lose everything, and 6 weeks is a looooong time to be out of the gym. good job on hitting your PRs too, that’s a good feeling and great motivation!

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    1. Thanks. It must be hard for you to wait to go back training. I hope the surgery went well also by the way! That’s a good idea, it’s better to keep tipping over until you can go back into it fully. If you can maintain now then you’ll be doing great, and then look to build on that maintenance once you’re fully recovered. Thanks for this comment! I’ll be sure to keep you updated.


  2. Good job hitting the gym after sickness! I was out of the gym for all of December due to sickness and a hurt back. That first day back is truly terrifying!! Sounds like you still kicked some major butt though. Good luck with your training and keep it up! 💪🏻

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    1. Thanks! I was tough getting back into it but I’m in full swing now. Sorry to hear! I agree, it’s tough as well but once you get through it you find yourself quickly getting back into your normal routine. Thank you and same to you 💪🏻


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