National League and National U23’s

A packed weekend of running done and dusted! Certainly left the track on Sunday afternoon with mixed feelings but as you’re all aware by now I try to look for the positives instead of dwelling on the negatives. Going into the weekend, I was confident that I could hit a low 23 in the 200m. Unfortunately I didn’t, but what I did gain was something that will stay with me in the long term and keep me motivated to keep working hard and stick to my training.

Athlone Institute of Technology International Arena Media Tour
Hands down the best track I’ve ran on to date!

The first race of the weekend saw me run in the 200m as a guest in the National League Round 2. I had my mind set on running that much sought after low 23 and I was feeling good on the day. So in my mind I really  felt it could happen. In the end, I ran 23.59 – winning my race relatively comfortable from lane three. As I had only ever ran one indoor 200m previous to this, it meant I was in the 6th 200m guest race (out of 6 races on the day) so coming first didn’t actually mean much as the races were seeded going on how fast your time was previously. The positions don’t actual matter at all as it wasn’t an important race and more so just a training session for most athletes competing as part of the guest category. It was all about times. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a low 23 but I wasn’t actually too far off. Considering I went from running 24.32 a few weeks back in Nenagh to a 23.59 here it wasn’t that bad a time. I still have to accept that although I didn’t run the time I specifically wanted – I showed good progress and ran an indoor PB! In my mind that’s a success and it still gives me confidence I can knock a good chuck off again.

Link to the race can be found HERE!

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon and the second race of the weekend. Again, I was competing in the 200m at the National U23 Indoors in AIT. I was feeling relatively good again, especially considering I had ran a PB the previous day. I was sure I could go even faster, as I would be running against quicker athletes. I was hoping it would bring out a bit more in me! Again though I ran more or less the same time I ran on Saturday – coming third in my heat with a time of 23.60 in lane 2. I won’t lie, it didn’t feel great immediately after the race as I knew I didn’t hit the time I had hoped for. Also the fact that I thought I could at least make the final. When I actually saw the time a few minutes after the race, I was quite surprised because I thought I had ran slower than the previous day – even though it was the exact same time roughly. So running that 23.60 from lane 2 and staying consistent with my times was certainly a positive to take from the weekend. Another plus side, or a negative a turned into a positive, was coming agonizingly close to getting the last qualifying time for the final – which was 23.57! At least it’s good to know I wasn’t too far off the mark.

As with anytime in life, it’s important to look at the positives instead of getting overwhelmed and upset with the negatives. You’ll improve faster if you always keep your head up, as opposed to consistently thinking about what went wrong. What went wrong for me at the weekend? I didn’t run a time I had told myself was possible to achieve. Will I get upset about this? Certainly not! If anything its added motivation to hit that time in my next race.

Positives :

• I stayed consistent with my times during the weekend running 23.59 in lane 3 and 23.60 in lane 2.

• I ran an indoor PB which shows progress!

• Experienced new lanes – both better and worse and generally got a lot more used to running on an indoor track.

The first ever 200m race I ran was back in April of last year while I was living in Barcelona – where I ran 24.87 outdoors. Fast forward to this weekend and I’ve ran a 23.59 indoors. So it’s good to see that there has been good progress! It doesn’t matter about medals and qualifying at the moment, it’s about progressing and getting better each day! I’m happy with how things are going and I need to realise that there is no point in rushing myself and getting upset – with anything it takes time! It’s time to get back to training and look forward to my race next this coming weekend!

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