Finding Balance

Lately, I’ve realised that my blog has been prioritising on the areas of fitness and athletics. As you are all aware, this is a big part of my current lifestyle and I enjoy sharing it with you you. As I also hope you all enjoy reading! It’s a passion of mine and I receive a great deal of enjoyment sharing my progress with you.

Hectic lifestyles need structure! Photo Credit: Google Images

On the flip side, it has slowly taken over my personal writing. I have found it hard to balance both – hence a severe lack of personal blogs! I apologize!

The personal side was where I began and I will not abandon it. It allows me to provide a different side of my life and it is only fair I prioritise both mutually. After all, personal writing is an important area and it allows me to connect, share and even help you at times. Some of my favourite posts to date have been personal and I thoroughly love sitting down and expressing my opinions, feelings and experiences throughout my life.

It allows you – the followers – to come along on the journey with me and share your experiences too along to way. I can learn as much from you as you can hopefully learn from me! In the past, I have talked about my experiences with moving abroad, buying a car, taking out my first loan, paying back that loan and so much more. I’ve shared all these experiences here and I keep telling myself I don’t want to stop sharing them with you – yet I haven’t been writing the personal aspects lately. So, I have told myself that I will learn to balance! This is such a key word in relation to not only my writing and blog management, but general life. Balance is so important and I feel it is easily overlooked at times. I guess it’s hard to find a happy medium. You’re either going to prioritise an aspect of your life greatly above others, or you’ll do the opposite and not prioritise anything  – living in an unstructured and care free life. It’s also an area that seems harder to figure out than it actually is. It’s just a matter of sitting down and planning out what needs importance and finding that balance.

It’s important to find a balance in life. Photo Credit: Flickr

In relation to my blog, it is about balancing the personal with the health & fitness. They’re both as important as each other – so one does not deserve to be prioritised over the next. Also, the fact that I enjoy writing both has led me to create this new found balance.

I look forward to sharing my lifestyle and personal journeys with you all, as well as the athletics, fitness and well-being aspects of the blog. It’s very easy lose balance and I understand it can seem hard at times – especially when you live a very hectic lifestyle. Each person will be different. For example. I need to find balance in my writing but this does not mean I don’t have balance in my general life. I’ve found a good structure between college, work and running/fitness. A structure that works for me. It is about realising your balances, whether they are issues of life, personal or organisational. If you feel yourself losing balance, take a step back and allow yourself to think of a way to find/regain it.

Don’t forget the key word from this post – BALANCE!

(I will go into more detail on this subject in a further post so stayed tuned)

Do you find it hard to balance at times? Whether it be in relation to your own blog or your life in general. Let me know in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. Balance is something I’m constantly working on. I’m happy that I have a decent work-life balance – I try really hard to not bring any work home with me, unless it’s absolutely necessary. I do occasionally work from home, but mostly when I’m sick or when there’s a massive snowstorm. I would rather put in an extra hour of work at the office rather than haul everything home. In terms of my personal life, it’s been hard to balance screen time with non-screen time. I work on a computer for my job, so it’s hard to turn off the screen when I’m at home. I’m starting to get better at it, but there’s always room for improvement. Great post!

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    1. That’s good to hear! It’s important to keep work and work, as it will allow you to refrain from constant work which could lead to stress. On occasion it is ok and you seem to have a good balance there! I agree, there is possible improvement in everything. Thank you and best wishes 🙂

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  2. Hey Dean, balance in life….hmm…at the moment my life feels so unbalanced. I spend my days working, thinking about writing, trying to fit writing in when I am tired after a long day, or on my day off, chasing family around to make sure they are where they should be and so on. I am slowly though trying to be very mindful of my own needs and need for balance for my writing that is so important to me, both blogging and writing my novel, exercising (swimming) and just some down time to read.

    I wish you lots of luck in finding your own balance in your writing life, and look forward to reading your blog posts on the important things in your life.

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    1. Hi Hayley, I can see how you find it hard to balance with that busy lifestyle! I would advise you to maybe try making a schedule, or write block blog posts, as this will free up some time. Even try planner out certain aspects and giving yourself an hour in the day to sit down and work on it. It is also important to find some relaxation time, even if you feel you are too busy! There is always time in the day if you allow it 🙂 As I also look forward to keeping ion touch with your blog! Best wishes 🙂

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