Accepting Sacrifice

Lately, I’ve been thinking about a few barriers that have been presented in my life. Unexpected barriers, but ones that I have had to overcome. In doing so, I have allowed myself to become more open to the word ‘Sacrifice’. I think people tend to look towards sacrifice as being a bad thing, when it … More Accepting Sacrifice

Everlasting Love

Love is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s genuine and everlasting. Nowadays, it’s harder for people to have a genuine love for a person. We are living in a century where divorce is common and it’s easy to find a couple that don’t actually even like each other. People are happier to settle down with … More Everlasting Love

The Little Prince

It has become very apparent to me that inspiration, motivation,¬†happiness and many more positive emotions can be preached through many different types of mediums. It’s common to experience these feelings through real life occurrences – whether it be talking to a person or witnessing an action first hand. This is through the medium of reality. … More The Little Prince

A Day of Travel

The time had come. The time for travel! Yesterday, I set off for Tarragona. An unexpected journey, but one I had come to look forward too. Every downside in life has a contrasting upside. Some people tend to dwell on the downside for far too long. Me? I’m gliding straight up that upside avenue! To … More A Day of Travel