Gym Progression #3

Another block done and dusted! Just finished off week 17 and 18 of my gym program – Early Strength Season. Week 16 was skipped in order to link up my recovery week – in regards both gym and track. I will go into more detail on recovery week in a later post. It was important … More Gym Progression #3

Gym Progression #2

Yesterday, I returned to the gym for my bi-weekly session. Unfortunately, I had missed two gym sessions over the past week and a half due to my illness. I was a bit sceptical to return yesterday but I made the choice to give it a go. It kills me not to be training so I … More Gym Progression #2

Gym Progression #1

As I’m relatively new to the gyming world, I felt it would be a good idea to track my progression through the blog. As you are all aware, athletics is a big passion of mine. So the whole gym side of things comes hand in hand. This project was meant to start a while back … More Gym Progression #1