Everlasting Love

Love is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s genuine and everlasting. Nowadays, it’s harder for people to have a genuine love for a person. We are living in a century where divorce is common and it’s easy to find a couple that don’t actually even like each other. People are happier to settle down with … More Everlasting Love

The Little Prince

It has become very apparent to me that inspiration, motivation, happiness and many more positive emotions can be preached through many different types of mediums. It’s common to experience these feelings through real life occurrences – whether it be talking to a person or witnessing an action first hand. This is through the medium of reality. … More The Little Prince

Expect the Unexpected

Expectation refers to something that you believe will happen. Something you expect, a knowledge in your mind as such, that the given situation will strongly occur. If it does not happen then you are hit with an array of emotions. Bad emotions. Sadness, disappointment, anger. Throughout my life, I have adhered to the values of … More Expect the Unexpected