A Day of Travel

The time had come. The time for travel! Yesterday, I set off for Tarragona. An unexpected journey, but one I had come to look forward too. Every downside in life has a contrasting upside. Some people tend to dwell on the downside for far too long. Me? I’m gliding straight up that upside avenue! To … More A Day of Travel

Time Well Spent

Sorry Father, it has been four days since my last confession post. Hopefully non-Irish people will understand that phrase but anyway! It has been four days since my last post and I am sorry. Unfortunately, due to a trip away and horrendously bad wifi, both on the trip and at home, I have not been … More Time Well Spent

Ready, Set, Goals

If you remember from my post ‘Expect the Unexpected‘, I talked about finding my passion in life. That passion being athletics, and more specifically sprinting. I took up the sport six months ago and haven’t looked back since, training six days a week and seeing huge progress each month.  Currently, I am on a rest … More Ready, Set, Goals